Awareness program on Traffic Rules and Regulations

Extension lecture on “Road Safety Rules and Regulations” organized at GDC Rajpora

The Debates and Seminar Committee Government Degree College Rajpora organized an extension lecture on the theme “Road Safety Rules and Regulations” in collaboration with ARTO Pulwama on 2nd February 2024 in the conference room of the college which was attended by a large gathering of students besides some staff members. The lecture was organized as a part of National Road Safety Month celebrations aimed at bringing awareness among the students about road safety measures and ways to avoid road accidents. The Inspector Motor Vehicle Department Pulwama Jenab Waheed ul Islam was the invited speaker for the event. In his exhaustive presentation the invited speaker spoke at length about road safety measures, causes of road accidents and role of people especially the youth in putting an end to the menace of road accidents. He said that the death toll of road accidents far exceeds the number of deaths caused by Covid-19 in India and therefore road accidents were declared as the biggest disaster of 2021 in the country. The speaker shed light on ten precautionary measures which if adopted by the people will greatly reduce the road accident rate in the country. These measures include use of Helmet and Seat Belt, control over speed limit, adherence to traffic rules, avoiding use of mobile phone and alcohol while driving, holding on to speed limit, courtesy and fair driving and regular maintenance of vehicles. Prof Gh Mohiuddin HOD English hosted the proceedings of the event and proposed vote of thanks.